At the origin of ONNO ARCHEO, a passion for local history, family tradition is combined with an attraction for diving and learning underwater archeology. Some levels of additional dives provide access after training to the CAH II B (Certificate of Aptitude Hyperbaria), which corresponds to a professional diving qualification for underwater activities up to 50 meters deep. In parallel, a first training in archeology with the University of Amiens allows to obtain the DU TAE (Techniques of Archeology in Europe). A second training at the University of Dijon opens to the master degree 2 AGES (Archeology Geo Sciences).

With this background and given the relationships developed, such as the credibility obtained, underwater archaeological operations can be considered subject to the authorizations of the SRA (Regional Service of Archeology).

It is then, that to develop projects within the framework of the voluntary work, ONNO ARCHEO can and must appeal to the volunteers, as well in terms of diving as knowledge of the sites by the inhabitants locally or researchers in archives …

It is only by the quality of the interventions in term of methodology as of realization as well as the work done that ONNO ARCHEO will be able to progress in its works and researches.

Hence the interest of multiplying the qualifications of the volunteers that ONNO ARCHEO must be able to federate: experienced archaeologists divers who will be able to supervise novices, technicians operators manipulators for instrumental surveys, computer scientists and database managers to exploit the collected information, historians local to share their knowledge, researchers in archives or libraries and all people of goodwill to facilitate the work of teams on the logistics, the reception of operations.

Looking forward to associating you with our action

The missions of the association:

This association aims to:
– To promote archaeological research

– To bring together in a structure professional or amateur archaeologists, volunteers or students interested in terrestrial, underwater or underwater archeology.

– To contribute to the safeguarding of the archaeological heritage and in particular to disseminate and respect the legislation on archaeological excavations,

-Develop the archaeological activity in agreement with the Regional Services of Archeology (SRA) and the Department of Underwater Archeology and Underwater Research (DRASSM) and consistent with the legislation in force,

– To organize archaeological research activities

– To put the technical means of the association at the service of operators or other associations

– To organize colloquiums or round tables on the subjects concerning mainly archeology (prehistory and history).

– To promote the publication of the results of archaeological excavations.

2. Its geographic reach extends mainly to the BOURGOGNE – FRANCHE-COMTE – RHONE ALPES regions

In addition, the association inscribes its project in a dimension of general interest, by opening itself to all the public, in particular the most fragile ones, while preserving to its activities a nonprofit, secular and apolitical character. In all circumstances, the association guarantees a democratic and transparent functioning and preserves the disinterestedness of its management.

3.The association pursues a non-profit purpose.


Share our knowledge

knowledge sharing associated with mastery of skills will move us forward.