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Région Bougogne Franche-Comté jurasud

Underwater Archaeology
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Welcome to Onno Archeo

an association of volunteers, created en 2012, whose interest revolves around historical and archaeological knowledge as heritage preservation. She has the quality of: “association d’intérêt général”. Its purpose is to promote archaeological research, to bring together in a structure professional or amateur archaeologists, volunteers or students interested in terrestrial, underwater or underwater archeology, to contribute to the safeguarding of the archaeological heritage and in particular disseminate and respect the legislation on archaeological excavations, develop archaeological activity in agreement with the Regional Archaeological Services (SRA) and the Department of Underwater Archeology and Underwater Research (DRASSM) and consistent with the legislation in force, to organize archaeological research activities, to put the technical means of the association in the service of operators or other associations, to organize colloquiums or round tables on the subjects concerning mainly archeology (prehistory and history), to promote the publication of the results of archaeological excavations.

Its geographic reach extends mainly to the BOURGOGNE – FRANCHE-COMTE – RHONE ALPES regions

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