Strong of the numerous anomalies detected by instrumentation, and taking into account the accumulation of sediments, the research can be considered only by an underwater boring survey at “Lac d’Antre”

The objective for 2018 is to qualify the anomalies that have been identified by the instrumentation.

VISUAL PROSPECTION: prospecting dives will be conducted on the points identified for visual recognition and position reports.

SURVEY: teams of divers will be in charge of a 4m² area identified in x, y and z and will carry out a destructive survey by removing sediment with the use of a sediment vacuum cleaner.

Two study points were identified: the search for an earth dam indicated by P. PETREQUIN during dives in 1967, the second a significant concentration of anomaly on a previously not submerged bottom which to be a development of bank. an interpretation cannot be formulated at present.

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