A Gallo-roman villa in Pontailler-sur-Saône

As part of an internship with “Master 2”, students from the University of Dijon, an apprenticeship in magnetometry tools made it possible to discover a Gallo-Roman villa.

Magnetometer and syscal techniques have been implemented to verify the presence of building structures under the crops of a particular field.

The owners of the neighboring fields did not give permission for a survey.

The results confirm the presence of underground structure on the plot studied and we can estimate that the extensions identified on the neighboring parcels by aerial images also exist.

A rendering plan has been imagined of this building whose function is not known to date.

It remains nonetheless that this structure adjoins the Roman road Pontailler Mirebeau and is close to the place where funerary stelae were discovered during the creation of the railway.

Only a geophysical survey on all parcels will allow an overall appreciation of the site as well as these relations with the Roman road.

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